About Us

Clandestine Coffee Co. was founded on principles that transcend most coffee drinkers' experience which is mundane, at best.  Let's be honest, a lot of people would rather be late to work than miss that first cup of coffee or shot of espresso, so we know how important it is to each of us.

The coffee bean and all its end forms continue to bring us together - with friends at the local coffee shop or at home with your significant other.  We're here to ensure that that cup of coffee or shot of espresso is the best it can possibly be.   We prefer to think of our coffee rituals as something out of a James Bond film - clean, crisp, suave.  Damn near perfect, and minus all the international espionage, of course.

We're committed to making your experience with us the same.

We launched in early 2017 and have quickly built a solid reputation in the online ecosystem as a go-to, not only for the highest quality coffee products, but also for a high quality coffee education and true "cater to" service.  

Founder & Co-Owner, Ryan Silc (33) has been a coffee fanatic since he was in high school with pour overs and espresso as his brew methods of choice. Previously a retail and institutional commodity broker at the Chicago Board of Trade, though he's still amped about the commodity markets, his views on coffee are much more narrowed as his vision of Clandestine is more third and fourth wave oriented.

Co-Owner, Dave Ogren (35) is an absolute psychopath when it comes to coffee, brews 6 different methods from home and also has an amazing gift as a photographer.

We have a great team and aim to continue growing our business, offering our customers the highest quality espresso machines, coffee makers and grinders available coupled with out of this world service.

Based right outside of Chicago with satellite offices across the country, we distribute nationwide via FedEx, UPS and First Class Priority Mail.

If you have any questions about our site, products/orders, learning about the coffee market, or just want to chat about plans this weekend, don't hesitate to reach out - Contact Us. We love people just as much as we love coffee.  (Give us a shout on chat as well!  Just click that red chat icon on the bottom right.)