Short White Lumber Mug by RLP - Clandestine Coffee Co.
Short White Lumber Mug by Roseline Pottery - Clandestine Coffee Co.

Short White Lumber Mug by Roseline Pottery

Here at Clandestine Coffee Co., we maintain the philosophy that when it comes to the coffee bean and all it's end forms, quality is ALWAYS going to beat quantity.  We've only partnered with manufacturers and small private label teams to bring you the absolute best in accessories.

Enter: Roseline Pottery

Run by Travis Sudweeks out of Salt Lake City, Utah; RLP is something much different among coffee and espresso accessories.  A fan of minimalist, Scandinavian design - Travis has been spinning works of art straight from the potters wheel for over 25 years now and studied pottery under the tutelage of world renowned potter, Andrew Watson.  In a stroke of luck for Clandestine, Roseline has partnered with us to bring you something truly unique.

If you purchased a mug for yourself and one for a friend, you'll find they won't look exactly the same.  But that's what hand spun, made to order mugs gets you - individuality, exclusivity and rarity.

Inspired by walks in the woods, the Short White Lumber Mug is wheel thrown, hand carved and trimmed. When all that is done, a handle is made and attached. It is then bisque fired, dipped in matte white glaze, which is organic, yet food and dishwasher safe (although we always recommend hand washing).

  • Holds up to 10 ounces