Water Filter System (3/8") - Clandestine Coffee Co.

Water Filter System (3/8")

This water filter system contains everything you need to connect your espresso machine to your water source and do it quickly and effectively. The filter housing is a generic 10 inch so you won't be tied into an expensive proprietary replacement cartridge. The carbon filter removes odor and taste and filters to 10 microns. The tubing and fittings are John Guest and require no wrenches to install. Score.

-1 10" Filter Housing
-1 Filter Mounting Bracket
-1 10" 10 Micron Carbon Filter
-1 Filter Housing Wrench
-2 John Guest Ball Valves 3/8"
-2 John Guest Fitting 3/8" pipe by 3/8" John Guest
-1 Max Adapter 3/8" CP by 3/8" JG
-15 John Guest 3/8" Tubing 15'